Supply Chain Traceability

Country of Origin Assessment

Customs agencies in both the United States and the European Union have increased scrutiny over importers compliance with county of origin requirements. With significant penalties and shipment seizures possible, it is crucial that consumer brands, retailers and domestic suppliers, have complete confidence that their factories are complying with all applicable country of origin requirements during the manufacture of their products. The risk being that a factory in Vietnam, for example, imports its solar panels from China to improve its margin, then exports to its client in the United States misclassifying the shipment as Vietnam origin.

Omega has developed a Country of Origin Audit to ascertain the country of origin for any shipment.  This audit begins with a detailed review of all pertinent shipment documentation, such as production records, country of origin certificates, inventory records and invoices.  Once this phase is complete, Omega then visits the supplier interviewing management, touring the site and verifying information before reporting back to its client with its judgment on the origin of the specific purchase orders.


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