Supply Chain Security

In order to demonstrate compliance with international supply chain security standards, importers must continually assess their supply chains to identify, mitigate and eliminate potential security hazards as well as monitor ongoing improvements.  Failure to comply with importer security requirements, such as CTPAT and PIP, may result in Customs delaying your shipments or even having them seized at enormous cost to your business.

Omega is an industry leader in the supply chain security field.  We are expert at working with all supply chain partners, from manufacturers, warehouses, logistics providers to ports and perform in excess of 2,500 security audits each year across more than 25 countries worldwide.

Omega’s audit methodology has been developed from our expert handling of the CTPAT Minimum Requirements, most recently updated in 2019, covering the following modules:

Corporate Security
1. Security Vision and Responsibility
2. Risk Assessment
3. Business Partner Security
4. Cybersecurity
Transportation Security
5. Conveyance and Instruments of International Traffic Security
6. Seal Security
7. Procedural Security
8. Agricultural Security 
Physical and Personnel Security
9. Physical Access Controls
10. Physical Security
11. Personnel Security
12. Education, Training and Awareness

Omega has world-class account management experience; developing risk analyses and managing global supply chain security programs for some of the most prestigious importers into the United States and Canada.

Your supply chain is more complicated than you might think. With a wide network of suppliers, some large, some small, some experienced and some new, spread over many countries, effectively assuring a secure and compliant supply chain is a daunting challenge. Omega’s security expertise will guide you.

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